El P’ti Betemanlet

To commemorate the party’s efforts in The Waterfall Complex, Estalian character Keru Baino‘s player, Alec, opted to invest some of his newly-acquired Character Points into Poetry. Going further still, he penned the following poem in what is now ‘canonical Estalian’:

El P’ti Betemanlet

Mi crewé adventurous
Viale en dunjuno
Intare Uno aquafello fino
Entre nos discoveré
Chaines et betes-hommes meano
Nos trippé els trappés
(Del behindo)

I greté poco betes-hommes
Avek kleino cadeau
Mon amulet lupos
Qui non march’s do

Orco. Morto. Doloroso.
Necromantoman greaséd
Elle montorado.

Noce. O noce.
Mi hombre no solambo
Via momentous
Non es comprehendo.

For those to whom Estalian does not come naturally, an attempt at translation was made by JTA, who plays Friar Newman Cinderforged:

My adventuring crew
Go into dungeon
?(Inside) a beautiful waterfall
?(Entering) we dicover
Chains and nasty beastmen
[and] We trip the traps
(from behind)

I greet the little beast-man
With a small present:
My amulet of wolves
(?Who ?doesn’t ??run?)

Orc. Dead. Sorrow. [lit.: pain].
The greasy necromancer.
He mounts her.

Night. Oh night.
My man will not sleep.
[he] ?(goes ?a ?long ?way)
We don’t know why.